Water resources

The water problem, along with other things, is becoming the biggest challenge of the century.

It is said as follows: "The war of the 20th century began over oil. That of the 21st century is about water."

Water pollution is spreading around the world and the population is increasing. Desertification is progressing due to the decline of forest resources and economic disparity is creating a gap between those who have access to water and those who do not.

There are many areas where a large river spans multiple countries and regions. Large amounts of water withdrawal and contaminants in upstream countries can cause significant downstream damage and that sparks wars and conflicts.

Those countries which rely on imports of food from other countries are also importing water through the imports. It is not about mineral water. If the same agricultural and livestock products were made in your country, how much water would be needed? This concept is called "virtual water", meaning we import water from the land where the products are made.

In addition, those products may cause water pollution. The environmental load of all amounts of water used in a series from production to disposal is called "water footprint", and calculations are currently being under operation using various methods.


How should water use be for the world to be sustainable? OSINTech 's RuleWatcher ™ will keep track of the criteria for calculating water-related evaluations and treaties.