Vision and Culture

"Our world. Rules by Everybody." This is OSINTech's vision.
We want to create a future where more people can be involved in rulemaking with our services that provide visibility into the world's legal processes.

To realize the philosophy, we adopted a unique organizational structure.
Members of OSINTech, called O-s, form an "autonomous decentralized organization" that freely chooses places and time range to work and has the authority to make decisions individually.

The only idea to bind O-s with a high range of freedom is the OSINTech Constitution (11 articles) listed below. Our culture is centralized in this OSINTech Constitution.

( OSINTech Constitution is now available in English below.  2020.11.2~ )

OSINTech Constitution


OSINTech acts for the fulfillment of its vision, "Our World. Rules by Everybody" by utilizing OSINT (open source intelligence) and technology. We declare that we are to be open minded to any kind of religion, belief, thought, organization and individual. In order to be so,  OSINTech will not accept any investment from any organization.

OSINTech is run by those called O-s who can pursue its ambition. Information within ourselves are open and visible. O-s put effort on self and ego management so that they sustain healthy working environment. This formation of O-s declares its maintanance of self governed and decentralized orgainization as the smallest version of the OSINTech's promising world.

Article 1 Vision
OSINTech stands for its vision, "Our World. Rules by Everybody".

Article 2 Range of work
OSINTech conveys open source information which is currently yet reachable for many people and promotes its application by utilizing OSINT(open source intelligence) and technology.

Article 3 Maintanance of open mindness
OSINTech keeps open mindness to any kind of religion, belief, thought, organization and individual and shall not hide or fake any information. In order to be so,  OSINTech will not accept any investment from any organization except for social sectors.

Article 4 Crazy quilt approach
OSINTech aims at the fulfillment of its vision, not the percentage of its market share. We recognize other individuals and organizations as our companions if they are working towards, "Our World. Rules by Everybody".

Article 5 Managament by O-s
OSINTech is run by those members called O-s.

Article 6 Criteria of O-s
O-s candidate is a person as follows: honest, thoughtful, has multi perspective that goes beyond exsisting social norms and curiosity towards social system and last but not the end, is willing to go further with colleagues.


Article 7 Ego management of O-s
O-s do introspection so as not to fall into such condition as narcissism or egocentrism, for keeping good relation and trust between each other. If in case there would be such action based on the condition just mentioned, O-s immediately admit and change their attitude. 

Article 8 Self management of O-s
O-s put importance on now, which cannot be repeated again. Thus, O-s put efforts on the maintanance of healthy condition of themselves and the organization, and independently decide working places and hours.

Article 9 Openess and accessibility of information
Inside OSINTech, all the information except things related to privacy, shall be open and accessible. OSINTech shall reduce information gap between O-s which could happen due to the timing when the person becomes O-s, its role and joined meetings etc.

Article 10 Lively self governed and decentralized organization
Hierarchy does not exsist in OSINTech. OSINTech shall be managed based on trust and rules to sustain norms must be as smallest amount. Also, rapid reaction using each one's sense is appreciated to create necessary roles along with the continuously changing situation in real society, rather than just making management plans and sticking with them. Thus O-s shall act for the objectives with inner motivation.

Article 11 Declaration of the maintanace of the organizational shape
Self governed and decentralized organization is questioned easily and people tend to bring hierarchy back, especially when business results become worse or some acts of injustice occur, while OSINTech, declares not to leave the style as mentioned behind. 

Environmental Initiatives

Oshintech participates in UNFCCC's RACE TO ZERO campaign, a global campaign for the restoration of the global environment and zero carbon. The head office is operated with rooftop greening, zero kitchen waste incineration, and 100% natural power, and the basic working style of os is remote work, reducing energy required for transportation. In addition, imprinting has been completely abolished, and resources related to the use, delivery, and storage of paper are being reduced as much as possible.

Team Members(O-s)

Our members, O-s work hard to achive our vision, "One World, Rules by Everybody."



Civic Techer




Having said to myself, "Ah, I want to be in charge of Bikkuri Dokkiri Machine that appeals to the whole nation." for...already long time.

Other O-s certainly found out that I am not mikan no taiki, but a citrus tree, and calling me Shisho is not proper.

※He uses lots of Japanese phrases, so for more detail, directly contact us from:







架け箸 | Greetings from Palestine (


Captain(Little Brother)


Basically different from mainstream. Since junior high school, when he talks about himself, people laugh at loud.

Recent goal is to act without restraint.

To be honest, wants to be alchemist or wizard.
"一は全、全は一"(line from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Favorite things: anime, movies, cycling journey, things to raise him up, inspirations, sense of something would happen, being moved.

Needfull to say, the representative of the Civic Tech community "Code for Kobe".
Advocating "Doughnut Theory," "Nukazuke Theory," and "Personality-Driven,"  working to create lifestyles utilizing IT within large companies and local organizations.
Basically, in charge of liveliness at OSINTech, and also in charge of liveliness in terms of application.

Manager(Big brother)


Active, but find it hard to convey his ideas to people.

So active that he quited his first career after 2 years and went to study in the States to fulfill his dream to live there(though he came back, realizing ideal and reality are different).

He thinks he needs adequate skills to convey his thoughts so as not to make it controversial any more.



Growth Hacker

Man, who enjoys both indoor and outdoor.

Captain in his club activity at university, gamer and sleeper at home.

Try everything and go deep inside if he discovers his favorites.

iOS の画像.jpg









ICT liaison

Willing to step in everything attracts her, but because of that, she says she has not gained anything specific.

Singer, dancer&ICT learner.

One day she took a bike license to move freely in Africa, but then was about to hit the herd of cows there. While fell of from bike and got ached, she gained an excellent episode to carry on.
She is sorry that her old memories fade away when she acknowledges new things.




Play and learn.


You will understand if you play.

There is no fail in playing.

You only discover there is much fun things.


Learn like you play.

Nop, learn by playing.


Don't you think it's the best of life?




Founder of OSINTech Inc.

Visiting professor of Kobe Institute of Computing; Graduate School of Information Technology.


Loves to live in rock'n rolle, he is working hard everyday.
In order to make bridge between large companies and local communities in this era of game change, he is researching "kawaige"(kawai) on his personal level.









Banto of OSINTech.

She has a curiosity as huge as black hole that she wants to know everything in the world, while making such mistakes as typing wrong digits on accounting.


Not a fun of cold although was born in the winter, but really not fond of global warming.