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Be on the wave of the world trend with information DX

ESG investment, circular economy, biodiversity protection, carbon emission trading ... rules do not know the national borders and global standard are being built rapidly.


Companies must always be aware of global environmental issues and human rights including the supply chain. However, the sea of information is huge and confusing. It may be already out of date when some information arrives as a report format in the local language.

RuleWatcher Enterprise supports you with technology to create a suitable environment for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), from the endless information gathering. 


RuleWatcher does not include mass media information or advertisements. From the specified sources which related to policy-making and advocacy organizations (governments, UNs, and major NGOs, etc.), RuleWatcher translates all their articles into English and then extracts only those data that contains related keywords. Having centralized and visualized information at a glance, makes the accuracy of intelligence much high.

Custom-made themes, in your dedicated environment

RuleWatcher Enterprise can be set up in your own dedicated environment and configured to be the source of information for your specific issues.


Tree Map

Social Graph

Rule Trend Alert

Multi Filter

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OSINT can be utilized to manage your branches overseas.


We can alert you when any keyword requested(material names or the names of technologies)is included in the articles published by the target organizations.


If you have foreign bases or local agents, RuleWatcher Enterprise enables accurate instructions from the headquarters. By using it at the same time as the local corporation, the intelligence of the entire company will be enhanced and HUMINT(Human Intelligence) will also be utilized in combination with OSINT.

RuleWatcher Enterprise is with a communication platform that breaks down organizational and location barriers. Thus it fosters a culture of employee information utilization even in the COVID-19 situations.


Individual meeting is needed before contracting RuleWatcher Enterprise. 

If you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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