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ESG investment, Circular Economy, Biodiversity Protection, Carbon Emissions Trading... 

Since the 2020s, there have been signs that various initiatives are finally crossing borders and creating rules and international standards.

However, this information is enormous, and by the time it arrives as a report, it may already be out of date. In addition, since the Paris Agreement, many of the measures for a decarbonized society have been announced by Europe, and Southeast Asia and Africa adopt them quickly ahead of the rest of the world.

In order to anticipate such policy changes in the supply chain, it will be necessary to assign a person in charge of collecting information who is familiar with the local language.

RuleWatcher does not include news reports or advertisements. Its information sources are only primary information from policy-making and advocacy organizations such as governments, parliaments, UN agencies, and major NGOs.

By having the information organized and visualized in a uniformed manner at hand at all times, it enables you to increase the accuracy of intelligence at a stroke.


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RuleWatcher Enterprise can be set up in your own dedicated environment and configured to be the source of information for your specific issue.

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If the name of technology or substance related to your business is mentioned in an article distributed by the target organization, you will be alarmed.

For companies with offices abroad or having local agents, RuleWatcher Enterprise enables precise instructions from headquarters. By using RuleWatcher Enterprise at the same time from local subsidiaries, the intelligence function of the entire company will be enhanced, and local agents will be able to gather sophisticated information (HUMINT).

In addition, RuleWatcher Enterprise's SNS capabilities will help break down the barriers between deployments and locations. It will also serve as a platform for fostering a culture of information utilization among employees even in Covid-19 situation.


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