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for Citizens
Connect with citizens of the world, aiming at solving social issues

Inequality, environmental issues, conflicts .... In response to these global issues, there are more and more people who are trying to change society.

RuleWatcher® is designed to bring people together, let them share their knowledges, offer a variety of primary information, while being a space to avoid creating next problem when they seek to solve the issue. 

Diverse people gather from around the world based on the issue they focus.

Join the community and create a new movement with us.

Make OSINT accessible. Dare to limit it to primary information

The right information sinks into a large amount of those from uncertain sources, making it harder to find the knowledge you want when you need it.



RuleWatcher limits it to the primary source to eliminate unnecessary information.

We support an environment to make OSINT accessible by technology.

To solve a single problem across a variety of languages

Circular Economy and Food Safety / Smart City / Human Rights in the World / World after Covid-19 / Civic Tech / Ocean Plastic / Climate Change (Mitigation) / Climate Change (Adaptation) (and many more)

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"Forum", a place for various discussions

There is someone far away who is aware of the same problem as you are. There is also someone who has expertise in a field adjacent to your problem. If these people can be connected by breaking through distance and language, the number of clues to solving the problem will increase dramatically.

Currently, RuleWatcher is offering some forum that mixes Japanese and English. In near future, RuleWatcher will give you multilingual discussions forums.

Interested in applying for RuleWatcher?

In order to maintain a high-quality and diverse community, RuleWatcher is open only to those who understand the purpose of RuleWatcher and have a desire to solve any social issue. 



​Until 21st November 2021


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