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・ Receive relevant updates from the world organization in English

・ People interested in the topic gather and can share information and discuss

・ Search and share events related to global or Japanese topics

RuleWatcher ™ is a community site, like SNS, where updates related to rule making in the world are updated in real-time. Free charge with optional paid support.

RuleWatcher ™ is a place where people who are interested in a particular topic are gathered, so you can give seminars etc. to those who are interested.

* Currently, only invitation.

The following topics are currently monitored:

(" ESG investment " and " Privacy " are handled by RuleWatcher ™ Pro .)

In addition, we provide paid support for companies, local governments, and professional users, such as analyzing trends and notifying them for each topic. Please contact us for details.

RuleWatcher will be useful for ...

Media people who want to do a fact check easily, companies who want to obtain regulatory information of overseas subsidiaries, researchers who want to get the latest information with a limited budget, lawyers who want to differentiate from other offices, activists who want to persuade their surroundings with overseas information, those who want to realize rule formation with OSINT, etc.

*Currently, invitations only. If you would like to have an invitation, please apply from here.

The following topics are currently being monitored.

(" ESG investment " and " personal information protection " are handled by RuleWatcher™ Pro .)

We also provide paid support to companies, local governments, and professional users by analyzing trends for each topic and informing them. Please contact us for details.

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