Privacy is an important concept.

There is concern that some platformers which own big data will monopolize data in the future. Companies that have a lot of data will have a stronger AI and never defeated.

In this way, in the era of AI, our decision will be more supported by AI than humans. It is said that the world where AI permeates our lives, AI controls us (we are happily controlled because we feel that is a clever way.).

In fact, it's no exaggeration to say that the issue of privacy is about how AI and people will interact with each other.

In Europe, privacy was discussed from an early stage. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces personal information protection rules. In the scheme of GDPR, rules will be created to determine how much information can be used.

By referencing the European GDPR case,  Asian countries are updating their Personal Information Protection Law.


Just as few people can explain the financial system of the world today, how will humans control the future in a world where algorithms become more complicated and out of the control of humans? One of the methods is that we define the Personal Information Protection Law and control algorithms.

In 2020, privacy and bioethics are center topics in this area. RuleWatcher ™ Pro places importance on this area, which will become increasingly important in the future, and strives to visualize the legal process around the world.