Breaking news! The battle has started near the RuleWatcher login screen!

On April 1st, near the RuleWatcher login screen, the Knights of Intelligence are clashing with Dr. Fakeu, the dark lord who is trying to spread Fake information.

Click here to see the login screen during the battle.→

RW-078 (a.k.a. Wat-chan), a robot who collects and contributes information from around the world to RuleWatcher, Osin, an OSINT apprentice administrator, and Uncle Telly, a master of intelligence, are fighting a defensive attack by Dr. Fakeu, who leads a droid army of splittist forces.

OSINTech Inc. was on the verge of collapse under a DoS attack by the ruthless dark lord Dr. Fakeu, but thanks to the work of the Knights of Intelligence, the kidnapping of the engineering leader Shisho was not attempted.

However, those who still shirk, take for granted, and spread the word are expanding the divisive forces.

Oh! Now, Uncle Telly's special move "Intellusion" has been unleashed!