Plastic pollution

In recent years, the problem of plastic waste has been attracting attention.

Plastics become garbage and almost do not disappear if they leak to the ocean for any reason.

Due to this, there is a research that insists that we eat about one credit card of plastic a week.

Today, corresponding to 50,000 airplanes of plastic are spilling out of the ocean each year, and it is estimated that 150 million tonnes of plastic are accumulating in the world's oceans.

In 2016, the whole world was shocked by a report prepared by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation during the Davos meeting. If the production of plastics continued to increase at this pace, the stock would reach 1 billion tons in 2050, exceeding the total fish weight of 800 million tons, which is extremely shocking.

The current world trend is not to use plastic.

Legal development is also progressing.

For example, the United Kingdom released a summary of the plastic packaging tax in July 2019. It states, "The UK will tax on businesses that produce and import plastic packaging materials with less than 30% recycled content."


The European Commission also added an agenda to eliminate plastics throughout the EU in July 2019. This is what European citizens have pointed out to the Commission's "elimination of one-time plastics" is inadequate and demanding that "all plastic packaging and plastic bottles be eliminated by 2027".

If an entity takes a slow response, it has unfortunate consequences for both businesses and consumers.

On the other hand, plastic is a useful material that has supported our lives. There are also useful aspects, such as keeping food for a long period of time and reducing the energy required for transportation for it being lightweight. The substitution of paper may solve marine plastic problems. But it consumes more energy and it will be a trade-off with food waste issues.

In this way, the problems are intertwined in a complicated and cyclical structure. In order to reach the optimal solution, an innovation that transcends the boundaries of domains is required. That's why a lot of people need to be involved so that the rules do not form a fixed-aspect.

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(Article content: as of March 2020)