OSINTech Inc.

Representative Director Masato Oda

"Our World. Rules by everybody." This is our vision.

Now that globalization has progressed, it has become important for businesses to formulate strategies by grasping the complex rules that differ from country to country. Of course, what kind of legal system changes are being considered in the future is also important.

Even in the thriving social activities, more evidence-based, logical assertions, and accurate understanding of international trends will help to promote its activity.


However, it is not easy to get an overview of the rules of many countries.

So we set up a company that organizes and visualizes it with technology. The company name OSINTech is a coined word of OSINT ( Open Source INTelligence ) x Technology. OSINT refers to the use of public information to derive intelligence.


Rules restrict free activities, but also ensure safety and security. Good rules also allow good technology to penetrate society quickly. With so many people interested in the rules, too much regulation can be corrected sooner.

There are still many difficult problems to solve in the world. The previous methods have been difficult to solve. The 21st century is the time to face it. To that end, we need to improve the quality of democracy, not by only voting, but by joining to the end.

OSINTech will approach the quality of collective decision making with economic rationality and technology, from industry, NPOs and academia.

Let's use RuleWatcher ™ together and support improving us to create a better world.

※Non market strategy:Contrary to market strategy which focuses on customers and rivalries, this strategy aims at creating an environment where is friendly for its own business by participating in rule making process both on national and global level, for instance.

Rules and regulations restrict activities to certain amount, but they assure safety and trustability at the same time. Also, proper regulations help superior technology expand faster. The more people are interested in those rules and regulations, the faster exceeded regulations gain balance.

In the world, still there are many issues have not been solved with previous methods. The 21st century is the time. To tackle, human beings must participate in a process of rule making and foster democracy. 

OSINTech Inc. adopts technology which did not exist in the past. We are ready to utilize RuleWatcher™ and never stop making it better with you to create a better world.