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"Are you fighting on your own ring?"

It is now very difficult for products or services to become global standards. The cause is not a lack of good technology or goods. It is due to a lack of intelligence activity, a “non-market strategy”.

A non-market strategy is to create a competitive playing field, one of which is lobbying.

Government and standardization officials are not familiar with the detailed technology. They always seek professional input from the industrial world to gain knowledge through study sessions.

Lobbyists are involved in a wide range of activities, such as setting up such venues, sometimes crossing inside and outside government offices, and creating public opinion through public relations. This leads to rulemaking.

There are many companies that think "making rules is the job". It is a common understanding in global companies, especially in Europe. In order for your companies' good products and excellent technologies to be evaluated at the “fair stage”, it is necessary to know the trends in the rulemaking process.

It is not difficult. 90% of intelligence activities are said to be covered by research on information published on the Internet. OSINTech is providing RuleWatcher™ / RuleWatcher™ Pro to overcome the hurdles of collecting information, such as a huge amount of materials and language differences. We also support corporate strategies with Consulting services and Intelligence department start-up services.

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  • International Affairs Department

  • Legal and Intellectual Property Department

  • Public relations


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