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Through RuleWatcher ™, OSINTech visualizes processes of rule makings all in a same format

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Collected international rules' information, only primary sources.

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(Plastic pollution, Water resources, Climate crisis(Adaptation/Mitigation), ESG investment, Privacy, Basic income, circular economy, Biodiversity)
Information sources


(Major Parliament, Government, Supreme Court, United Nations, Research institutes, major NGOs, etc.)
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(Law drafts, Minutes, Press Releases, Research Journals, Policy Proposals, etc.)
(March 2021)

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90% time saving in searching for what you really need

RuleWatcher is designed based on the opinions of major think tanks. It greatly reduces the manual work, mainly searching and reading, and enables you to cover all the updated information even just before submitting a report.

Proactive strategy at your hand, by  "info utilization DX" 

New regulatory movements are risk and huge business opportunity at the same time. Actively capturing key information in your business strategy, such as the ones on the international market for carbon emission trade, regulations on rechargable battery recycling, regulations on substances of very high concern, and human rights evaluation in the supply chains in ESG investment. With RuleWatcher Enterprise, we collect information from customized sources and provide it in a dedicated environment for your business.

Connect with citizens of the world, aiming

at solving social issues(Free of charge)

RuleWatcher provides a community version that can be used free of charge for those who want to solve any social issue. You can connect with people from other countries who have the same challenges beyond cultural barriers and languages. In addition, people from different fields of expertises can bring own wisdom together. You can exchange information with those in private companies and policy makers no matter which position they are in. To gather knowledge of the civil society on the challenges of the cross-border issues. Here is the future that OSINTech wants to realize through RuleWatcher .


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